Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix : What Makes This Dog Breed So Special?

Imagine a dog that is more confident and friendly than your typical Golden Retriever. Imagine a dog breed so adorable, you can’t help but give it the biggest hug every time you see one. Now stop imagining!

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix dog is here to save the day – or at least make your day better.

This unlikely crossbreeding of two different breeds has become popular in recent years as a new trend in professional dog breeding programs. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to learn about what makes these hybrid dogs so special!

Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix Parent Breeds

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever mixed breed dog is not the result of a chance encounter between two unfixed dogs. Rather, it is an intentional crossbreeding plan that takes into account both breeds’ personality traits and physical characteristics in order to make the perfect canine companion for any type of owner or lifestyle.

Lets look at their parent breeds for more info


Pomeranian chow chow

This adorable dog breed is a member of the toy group and one of its most distinguishing features is its fluffy, long coat. Originally bred as an indoor companion animal for families with children in Northern Europe, Pomerania became quite popular among European royalty in the late 1800s because it was so small that they could easily be carried around. Because this breed takes much longer to mature than many other dogs breeds (about two years), Pomeranians tend to have more puppy-like characteristics even when fully grown such as a big personality and lots of energy!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix

The Golden retriever has been considered one of America’s favorite family pets for decades due largely to its friendly nature and intelligence.

The Golden Retriever is an active and loyal breed of dog, friendly to humans of all ages, as well as a good family dog.

What Is Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix?

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix is a hybrid breed which are created by combining the Pomeranian and the golden retriever.

The result of this breeding process is 50% pom, 25% golden retreiver, and 25% mixed-breed dog.

This mix will likely be smaller than both its parents but larger than most other small breeds. The temperment is also quite different from either parent; they tend to have more energy and spunk while retaining their friendly nature with those around them!

How To Care For A Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix?

The care for these hybrids depend largely on how active each individual pup’s lifestyle will be. If your pet spends most of his/her

Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix Physical Characteristics

This dog has the most recognizable traits of both breeds. They are small like a Pomeranian, but have a curly coat that resembles a Golden Retriever’s fur.

The size and shape of their body varies depending on how much they take after either breed – some may be more stocky with shorter legs while others will inherit longer bodies from their parents’ genetics! Their ears also vary in size between tall or floppy, per which looks better on them (and you!).

A typical Pomeranian Golden mix typically weighs fifty-five to seventy-five pounds and is between twenty-one and twenty-four inches tall.

Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix Lifespan

Pomeranian Golden Retriever mixes tend to live longer than either of their parent breeds, living as long as thirteen years.

Grooming Needs

Golden Retrievers are typically known for their coat type and shedding, but they shed much less than a Pomeranian. The Golden’s fur is more coarse and curly in texture while the Pom’s fur is softer.

It is necessary to brush their medium-length hair at least once a week , if not daily, in order to control shedding.

You can keep your pet clean with regular baths about once or twice a month using chemical-free pet shampoo. However, don’t bathe them too often, as this can wear out their skin. 


Pomeranian Golden Retriever mixes are small and intelligent, making them a great family pet. They get along with everyone in the household- adults and children alike! This breed is totally unafraid of strangers, so they’re perfect for visiting guests or taking to dog parks.

Taking advantage of the Pomeranian’s keen sense along with the Golden Retriever’s size, the Golden Retriever mixes the advantages of the highest quality breeds.

Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix Exercise Needs

This breed is more active than the average Pomeranian and Golden Retriever, so they need an hour or two of daily exercise. This can be in the form of a long walk, chasing balls around your house (or even outside), playing fetch on land or water- it’s up to you!

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever mixes are intelligent and eager learners, but their small size means that they may not always listen to commands from larger animals. It’s important for this dog owner to establish pack leadership early by taking control during training sessions.

Health Risks

The unique and interesting mix of two breeds means that the Pomeranian Golden Retriever has a few health risks. The first is eye problems, such as glaucoma or progressive retinal atrophy. This can lead to blindness in one or both eyes so it’s important for owners to take care of their Pomtriever’s sight by regularly checking on them.

Poms also have an increased risk of hypothyroidism which affects metabolism and brain function- this should be monitored with yearly vet visits!

Hypothyroidism may not always present symptoms but when they do, they could include skin issues like dryness or excessive drooling, hair loss from scratching the dog’s coat off due to discomfort caused by itching.

Keep your Pomtriever healthy by regularly taking him to the vet. It’s better to spend a little on him than to avoid him altogether.


Pomeranians and Golden Retrievers both have different nutritional needs. A good diet for a Pomtriever should include whole grains, high-quality protein, fresh vegetables or fruit, and healthy fats to ensure they’re getting all the nutrition their bodies need.

The best way to keep your Pomtriever’s weight in check is by feeding them about four cups of food per day – this amount will depend on how much you want him to grow as well. Be sure not to feed your dog table scraps though! This can lead to obesity or other serious health problems like diabetes.

golden retriever pomeranian mix dies is trickier, Sizes of the Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix can differ from dog to dog, so you should consult your vet in this matter.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a dog who’s both intelligent and affectionate, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix is perfect. They get along well with other animals in your home, are friendly to strangers thanks to their golden retriever parentage, and are loyal companions that enjoy cuddling just as much as they do playing outdoors.

The best part about these hybrid dogs? They come in almost any color imaginable! If you can’t find what you’re looking for among all of the different shades of Pomtriever coats out there, then we don’t know what’ll suit your needs.

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